is the grass REALLY greener on the other side?

I’m sure being a celebrity has its ups and downs. But personally, I could think of nothing worse. A common perception is that celebrities have it all, they can do what they want, they get what they want and lets not even mention special treatment.

However, is the grass really greener on the other side?

Celebrities can’t do the things we “normal people” can, they can’t run down to the shops, they certainly cannot go to the local park on a nice summers day or hit up the local pub for some pre-weekend drinks. As they’re at major risk of being spotted.


Being a celebrity sets one up for constant judgement and scrutiny. I’m sure we all remember Britney’s break down circa 2007 – tabloids, magazines, newspapers and blogs were constantly judging and scrutinising. However, its not only Britney being judged, all celebrities are being examined on their where about, their actions, fashion and bodies – whether they’ve gain or lost a few pounds – ridiculous! Imagine how hard this would be, picking up a magazine and reading about how fat you are, or that lately you’ve been looking skeletal.


Taking it back to Brittney – a solid 9 years later (2016) people are still referencing her breakdown. Yet, we only know about this because she’s a celebrity. It has all been documented. A Time line of Brittney’s Break Down has been published allowing readers to keep track of her misfortune. Loosely speaking, we as consumers all experienced this. The example with Britney, we are detached and miles away from the situation, yet instantly, able to keep up.



Surveillance, specifically celebrity surveillance is incredibly similar to the constant surveillance we are subject to each and every day – however, they are celebrities and we are not, instantly making us irrelevant and uninteresting. Surveillance can be displayed in many different ways. Berkeley University “created a map where ones movement over a 30 day period can be tracker by the metadata encoded in their Tweets and Instagram posts” (NewsComAu, 2013).  “On August 23 (2013) at 4:21pm, Katy Perry was in rural northeast Colorado, at the intersection of Highways 46 and 55. And on August 5 (2013) at 3:56pm, Oprah Winfrey was cruising down the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. How do we know this? It’s not hard to check out stars Twitter and Instagram feeds, yet more often than not, stars also do not give away their location, however an app called “ready or not” developed by Berkeley University enabled us to track celebrities, easily and effortlessly. Moreover, as we know celebrities endur plenty of scrutiny and hence a campaign titled “Stop Watching Us” has been introduced. This entails, “major Hollywood celebrities appearing in a video in order to express their objections to the widespread surveillance program”  (Hirsen, J 2013) lead and administered by the National Security Agency.


Khloe Kardashian, Kylie and Kendal Jenner have documented themselves taking extreme measure to “feel normal” for a day, to go unnoticed. They explain how one paparazzi can turn into 50 and have the ability to ruins ones day. Khloe, Kylie and Kendall chose to put on prosthetic makeup and hit the town incognito. This worked, until paparazzi tracked them down through the use of Snapchat.


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.34.25 AM.png

 files_wordpress_kardashian_family_w By Derek McGill

(CC BY 2.0)

Continuing on the topic of the “Kartrashians” is some surveillance good surveillance? The recent case of Lamar Odom’s overdose in a Las Vegas Brothel, was all captured through CCTV surveillance. Yes, he was captured popping pills and yes there happened to be nude women all around him – however, if not for this CCTV camera surveillance, Odom would not have been found unconscious and may not be alive today.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.06.42 AM.png

Lines on Cocaine By, Acid Pix

(CC BY 2.0)


Have you heard of the saying “all publicity is good publicity”? well… i have defiantly provided some examples where this is certainly a negative. However some celebrities choose to take this opportunity and turn it into something good. John Legend – chose to promote ‘The Show Me’ campaign aiming to break the poverty cycle. Dwayne Johnson promoting the Rock Foundation, a campaign designed to enrich and empower at risk youths and children hospitalised for disability or illness. Alicia Keys – ‘keep a child alive’  aiming to get life saving medical treatment to children living with HIV in Africa. Therefore, i my opinion, not all publicity is good publicity – its up to the individual and how they choose to use it.



Hirsen, J 2013, Celebs Tell Govt to ‘Stop Watching Us’. Newsman

NewsComAu. (2013). You’re under surveillance almost every minute of the day.



20 thoughts on “is the grass REALLY greener on the other side?

  1. The colloquial language you used in this blog really fit the tone and theme of the article well. You used excellent examples, and all the embedded tweets and pictures were very relevant. The layout of the blog worked well and was very clean so it wasn’t a chore to read. I think you could have utilised a few more scholarly articles about the rate of celebrities attending rehab or something similar if you wanted to pad this out a bit more.
    You presented a relatively dystopian view on celebrity culture but I think it would be interesting if you suggested some ways celebrities could use their exposure to make a positive impact, or how being exposed to celebrity culture has helped society just to balance out your argument well.
    Really interesting perspective on this issue, good work!


    1. What a great blog post Chloe, I thoroughly enjoyed the topic and the relevance to this unit and surveillance. It was certainly engaging and interesting.
      There was great use of embedded tweets and pictures were very relevant. The use of embedded links provided were all working and could be seen how they were carefully sought out.
      There were a few spelling and grammar issues I spotted which could be addressed. For example, you said “starts also do not give away their location” instead of “stars”, “ruins one’s day” instead of “ruin ones day”, “Alecia Keys” instead of “Alicia keys” and “John Legend- choses to promote” instead of “chose”. These are easily fixed however.
      Moreover, additional scholarly resources could have been incorporated in order to give the blog post more expertise and depth into your argument.
      Overall a great post and an interesting read!


  2. Hey Chloe,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog on the topic of ” celebrity surveillance “. The specific examples that you used of Brittany and The Kardashians , significantly strengthened your blog post.
    I did not realise how easy it can be for someone to track somebody else down via media platforms such as snapchat.

    The photos and tweets which you used, successfully opened up in a new window. This made the structure and layout of your blog easy to follow.

    Next time you might want to include, ways in which celebrities can use their exposure for good causes.In particular Emma Watson uses her celebrity exposure to raise awareness for her HeforShe campaign. This campaign is aimed at promoting equality for both men and women.

    Great job. Look forward to reading more 😀


  3. Hey Chloe, good research !! Your reference points, Britney and the Kardashians, are the most expected when it comes to surveillance. To be honest, I thought this post would be like one of the hundreds other that just make you say: “but the celebrities want to be on the spotlight !!”. However, the incidents with Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey made me think that being followed is not always their choice. Also, the way that these people were tracked made me realize that even the “normal” people could be tracked in the same way but for different reasons, such as stealing someone’s house. Keep it up !!


  4. Hey Chloe,
    This is a topic that I really enjoy learning and reading about, so thank you for posting about Celebrity Surveillance!
    The use of your personally posted and embedded tweets gave some humour to your post which I enjoyed! But would of liked some more scholarly research and articles behind the facts that you were posting,

    As a lover of the Kardashians, I was so happy to see you write about them and how Kendall, Kylie and Khloe had to dress up to the extremes to go unnoticed for a whole half an hour. You could of maybe included an embedded video from Kylies snapchat, or a video from Youtube that documented the celebrities wearing their disguises for other the readers that maybe don’t know them so well.

    Looking forward to reading more from your blog!


  5. This blog post is great, well researched and it’s clear to see your interest in the topic. The structure of the post is great, with a nice use of images that are relevant and fit the topic nicely, they also work to effectively break up the text within the post, although an image of Kardashian’s in disguise would have also been a great to really emphasis on the point you were making in reference to the paparazzi and Snapchat. The embedded tweets were also great to add interest and structure to the post. My only suggestion would be to proof read it a couple of times, as I found a few simple mistakes that I am sure would be easily fixed. Overall, great post and quirky title.. look forward to seeing your future posts.


  6. Hey Chloe,
    I enjoyed reading this blog post- it’s an area of surveillance that definitely interests me and I think quite a lot of us, given that celebrity culture is such a big part of our generation these days. I think that Britney’s breakdown and the constant surveillance around her at the time just goes to show how extreme and even normalised that kind of surveillance can be, so this was a great example to use to tie in with the topic!

    I like that you embedded a couple of your tweets and included the use of a couple of Creative Commons images- they helped to break up the post and add a nice touch. However, I think that you could’ve really amped up the post with some scholarly sources as well, though, to really add depth to what you were saying. Overall, good job!


  7. Great work on this Chloe! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I particularly loved the use of your casual tone making it into more of a conversation.
    Your examples were great, particularly the mention of Britney Spears, who I think we can all agree is someone that definitely comes to mind when researching this topic.

    Being a celebrity in today’s society means being constantly monitored, not only by paparazzi but now even with fans, thus I find it interesting watching a video of a celebrity leaving an airport, being surrounded by more fans holding out smartphones than paparazzi. I would have really liked to see you elaborate on the position of the fans further. I also think a few extra scholarly resources would have helped support this 🙂
    Can’t wait to read more from you!


  8. Hey Chloe,

    This post reminds me of the ‘rich or famous’ question, I’d rather be rich; being famous sucks balls. The post could be tighter if it focused purely on how Britney has handled the paparazzi or if the Kardashians (ugh), whom have used celebritism mainly to their advantage but cry foul when it paints them poorly, deserve ‘freedom’ from surveillance or how celebrities use their ‘predicament’ for worthwhile ideals.

    Some things to look at; use Britney’s full name initially and then only her first; be careful with the spelling of Britney and links should open in a new tab.

    I look forward to reading more from you,



  9. Hi Chloe, I really enjoyed reading this post! Your overall tone is really engaging and kept me entertained throughout. I like that even though you initially point out the negative aspects of celebrity, you also mention that there are some positive aspects to it as well. The images and embedded tweets also work really well to add to your argument and the overall flow of the post. The only piece of advice I have is to make sure that your hyperlinks open in a new page and that there is a minor typo in your last sentence. Overall really great post, looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂


  10. Hi Chloe!
    I really liked your approach to the situation revolving around surveillance on celebrities. The inclusion of Britney’s and the Kardashians’ stories was really engaging and kept me reading on. I also liked the incorporation of your own tweets and use of references. It would of been great to see you incorporate more scholarly sources and quotes from these to help support your argument. Otherwise, well done, I look forward to your next post!


  11. Hi Chloe,

    Becoming a celebrity might be a dream for a lot of children. That, until they found out that they will not have that many undisturbed time of their own. Reading this made me think about the different kinds of celebrity, the one who is fit to be called an ‘artist’, and other who just want fame. As I thought that ‘real artists’ are originally hermits and would require a lone time for their own to create masterpieces. But it seems that this definition is no longer valid. Anyway, your blog post is a really good piece of writing with relevant pictures and, more importantly, live examples. If I could suggest, it would make your writing more complete to see these surveillance acts as a way to increase celebrities fame (and may sometimes intended) for those who only aim for fame; which might bring another perspective for this discussion. 🙂


  12. Hi Chloe! I think your post really brings up something that’s been simmering within Hollywood for quite some time, especially after the fiasco which resulted in Justin Bieber deleting his Instagram account. From what we can see, the grass is definitely NOT greener on his side of the fence. This topic is very interesting, and I love how you integrate scholarly resources throughout to support your main points. You’ve done a good job of slipping tweets and images here and there to break up all the text. I think the one thing that you can improve upon is to edit the post first before posting, because I somehow feel like that part of writing was skipped over – there were several typos and errors (although minor). Overall, good job! Keep bringing up these interesting topics! I love it! 🙂



  13. Hi Chloe,
    I really enjoyed your blog, the Britney exampled you used was well known and relatable as I’m sure we’ve all seen the Britney meme circling on Facebook.
    Great job on sourcing all your pictures and academic references, they related to the content, gave further support to your arguments and were referenced correctly.
    The overall content was well thought out, and read well. If feel like you could have gone into further detail about how celebrity can use their publicity to make a positive impact, however that is just a personal opinion.
    Great job and good luck on your assignment.


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